31st August 2018

The 5th element

1. Mid shot- waiter=Level/zoom

2. Long shot- auditorium=OTS/ 

3. Mid shot- Corbin Dallas=level/zoom

4. Long shot-stage=level/

5. Long shot- Auditorium=level-OTS/

6.  Mid shot – Blue lady=level/

7. Close up- Corbin=level/

8. Mid shot – Blue lady=level/

9.  Three shot- randoms=level/

10. Two shot – Randoms=level/zoom

11. Mid shot- Blue lady=low/zoom

12. Long shot- Auditorium=OTS-level/

13. Mid shot – blue lady=level/

14. Mid shot- lelu=level/

15. Close up – Corbin=level/

16.  Long shot – Auditorium=OTS/tracking

17. mid shot – blue lady=level/

18. Mid shot – captain=level/zoom-none

19. close up – zorg=low/

20. Long shot- paradise ship=OTS/high angle

21. Mid – blue lady=low/zoom tilt

22. Close up – alchohol=tracking/

23.Mid- door opening=level/

24. mid-fat guy=OTS/POV

25. long shot- female assistant=zoom/level

26. long shot-aliens=zoom/level

27. close up-blue lady=level/

28. mid – female assistant being shot=zoom/level

29. mid shot-blue lady=level/zoom

30. mid shot- corbin=OTS/high angle

31. mid – alien=level/pan

32.long shot- alien=level/pan

33. close up – alein=flashback=level/

34. close up- alien hand=level/

35.long- spaceship=Birds eye view/

36. close up- lelu=level/

37. mid shot- action=tracking/levelVGHFDFGHFHF add in trunk=high/

38. close up-the trunk=high/zoomSFGGRFFG

39. close up-bob the alien=level

40.mid- blue lady=level

41. mid-corbin=OTS/zoom

42. mid- blue lady=low/

43. close up – corbin=zoom/OTS high

44. mid shot – blue lady=low/

45. close up- lelu= level/

46.long shot- auditorium=level/OTS–Zoom

47.mid shot- door opening=zoom

48.close up-lelu alien=OTS/level-pan

49.close up- leg=level/tilt

50. long – auditoriom=OTS/

51.mid- lelu=follow cam/level

52.three- aliens=low/

53. long- lelu + aleins=follow cam /OTS

54. close up – leg=low/

55.mid- lelu=level=tracking

56.close up- kick in the nutz=low/

57. close up- alien=level/

58.long- alien falling= low/

59.close up- blue lady=level/

60.long- alien=level/zoom out

61.mid-alien misses lelu=level/pan(slight)

62.mid- misses again=level/handy cam

63.mid shot- lelu=high/hand

64.mid-lelu fight=level/hand

65.mid- lelu=high/hand


67.mid-blue lady=level/

68. mid- lelu=level/    add in Lelu kick=OTS/level/

69.mid- lelu punch=level/

70. close up-alien=low/

71.long shot- flying out door=level/pan


73.mid-blue lady=level

74. long- flying alien=level/handycam

75. mis shot-thru weapon=POV/level

76.mid- guy with weapon=level/handy

77.close up-alien=handy/level

78. mid- flying body=handy/

79. mid-lelu=level/handy

80. mid- alein with stones=handy

81. mid- lelu=level/

82.mid -alien=level/

83.mid- alien with gun=level/pan-OTS

84.mid-lelu jumping POV=OTS/level-pan

85.mid- Lelu flying=pan/low

86.mid-back handspring=tracking/low

87.long shot- back handsprings=tracking/low

88.mid-blue lady dancing=level/

89.long-back handspring=level/zoom


91.long- handspring=zoom/level

92.mid- lelu up=tracking/level

93.mid – blue lady=pan/high

94. mid-alien=level/



97.mid-blue lady=pan-track/level

98. long-alien=handy/level

99. mid- blue lady=level/handy


101.mid- alien=OTS/handy/level





106.mid-blue lady=level


108.mid-blue lady=level/OTS

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