27th July 2018



The dull grey sky matched the colour of the concrete bridge I was about to cross. It was a quiet day, although I could hear the bustle of the city in the distance, the cars beeping, the high pitched wail of police sirens. From the bridge I could see the colossal city buildings in the distance. The bridge itself was rickety and old which made me nervous. Beneath the creaky aged bridge was a large body of water the same colour as the sky, I peered over the edge of the rusty weather-damaged railing and watched the murky water flow slowly down below. I had never learnt to swim because of my fear of deep water, the cinereal water below the bridge looked bottomless it sent shivers down my spine, I swiftly darted my eyes away from my fears and continued to pace forward. Under my feet was the concrete, fractured and matured. CRACK! I froze, my limbs trembled as I tried to trudge forward it was as if my lower half of my body was paralysed. Step by step I moved sluggishly closer to safety. The bridge was emitting more dreadful sounds now, I had to dismount this bridge now! Moving quicker now I strode toward the end of the bridge, so close I could smell the safety, only to undergo the sensation of the ground fall from beneath me. I let out a shrill scream in hope to stop me from falling. The putrid smell of the swampy water burned my nostrils. My last glance of the grey miserable day disappeared as I plunged into the darkness. The water, which was cold around my body as I was struggling to stay above the water. Numbing it was as I took my last ever breath and then submerged into the dark abyss.

As my eyelids opened I saw four clean white walls staring me down. It was so bright and warm. There were mixture of smells, the overpowering scent of cleaning products lemony and strong, so strong my nose ached. My ears were ringing, so loud it was as if someone was screaming into them. Behind the ringing i could just make out people talking, I couldn’t comprehend what the were saying but it didn’t sound like english. I tried to sit up but I was confined to what I was laying on. I was more conscious now, I attained the realization that I was in a hospital. I struggled to sit up, there was something tying me down it was tight like a seatbelt. Why would they want me tied down? I peered down at the gadget that had me fastened, it was black and rubbery and there was also a buckle! I could finally escape. I observed the room it consisted of one silver metal looking door and one bed with an incredibly scared person trapped on it. Cold and metalic was the buckle as I felt around for something that could set me free, as soon as I found the button to freedom the door swung open with a loud screech. I closed my eyes and pretended I was dead. My heart was pounding, what were they going to do with me? I heard the booming footsteps getting louder as they came closer to me. The lemony scent was overpowering, so overpowering I couldn’t smell anything else. The rubbery seatbelt tied my chest, legs and feet down, I couldn’t breath, I was going to die. The seatbelt felt like a snake slowly tightening till I could not inhale any more air, and then it released me I could move my legs and feet were free and I could breath, I was going to live. I heard a voice deep and loud, my heart froze.
“You can leave after I explain your situation” the calm deep voice announced. Although I was delighted to hear the word leave, I was more distressed by the situation, what situation? What’s wrong with me, I started thinking of all the situations possible. My heart was thumping in my chest vibrating the whole bed which I was still in, I could of ran for it, the silver door was wide open. Instead of asking questions I just replied with
“Okay.” The woman pulled her face into a frown. She had light brown hair, the colour you could sometimes mistake for ginger, which was tied back into a simple bun. The woman was tall and lanky, she could of been a model. She slid closer to me with one swift step.
“These rooms are pretty scary looking, I mean you were tied down and you don’t have any questions?” I was so petrified, she even said these rooms were scary. I was now panicking, I could feel the fear consuming me bit by bit. My heart was racing.
” No,” I blurted out ” I don’t have any questions.” I just laid there, the room was silent for one second, I could calm down and figure out an escape plan. I would sit up and sprint for the door. But the silence was interrupted with the lady
“Now, you must listen carefully, this may take some time to process.” I nodded pretending to know what this was about. She paused before continuing “Do you have any memory of falling of the bridge?” I think about the freezing water devouring me and the stench of swamp plants. I think about after that and my car ride here, the black leather seats, the seats that didn’t exist, how did I get here?
“Yes, I remember up until I fell into the water.” I uttered calmly, the lady replied with a nod. “I have no idea how I got here,” I chuckled. “I must of been given some pretty strong drugs” The lady pulled a worried look. What clues have I missed?
The lady, who sat extremely upright looked incredibly worried she said in a calm but stern voice
“Its 2348, you died 87 years ago” she paused “We found your body washed up on a beach about 20 minutes after your death, we brought you here and brought you almost back to life, we only recently had the technology to fully accomplish this.” My heart was pounding, I could not believe what I had just heard. I was going to explode, thoughts were racing through my head at an unimaginable speed. What about my family and my friends? What am I going to do now in the year of 2348? How did they bring me back to life? And why me? 
I just stared at the bed mattress, the snow white sheets, the simpleness, why couldn’t life just be simple, life, death – my thoughts were interfered by the same soft deep voice “I guess this is a lot for you to handle” she pronounced “there are some procedures we need to undertake to prepare you for the world, but surely by now you have some questions” The lady was starting to annoy me, I just folded my arms and sat there staring at the ground “your not very talkative are you?” the lady blurted out. I could feel the heat spreading through my whole body through my limbs and to my fingers and toes I was burst! This lady comes in here tells me I have risen from the dead, puts a lot of information in my mind that has been dead for the past 87 years and tells me i’m not very talkative. I don’t know maybe I was trying to process the whole situation. 
The lady repeated in the same calmness “Are you sure you don’t have any questions?” Then I realised, she was a robot.

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